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Waiting for Atithi Release

Well many movies came and went, none of them could make us lead a happier life by enjoying a decent movie. Now its the job of Mahesh Babu's Atithi to make the audience sway. Mahesh's recent movie Sainikudu was really a disaster. The only good thing that someone can mention from the movie is the songs, but don't you dare to watch them, just listen to them. Atithi *seems* to be a good entertainer with Amrita Rao as the female lead. If you are really interested in the movie there are some pictures of Mahesh Babu and Amrita Rao while shooting for Atithi in Delhi. The location where these pictures were taken is Shipra Mall, Noida.

The big 4 of tollywood have not given their dose of entertainment except Venaktesh who did a great job with Aadavari Matalaku Arthale Verule. Chiranjeevi's Shankardada Zindabad was again not at all watchable. Nagarjuna did not have any movies this year but he seems to be making something huge with Don, the posters have been really awesome. The final one Baliah, I dont think people have any expectaions now-a-days for his films. Its time for Baliah to make something worth while and get back to fame, like Chiranjeevi did with Indra. But again Chiranjeevi is slowly descending down the lane. Lets hope he makes better choices from the next time he selects scripts for his movies and also he should stop highlighting some modification of the famous veena step. Its been a long time since Indra released and yes we agree it was a marvelous dance step then but not now.

There were really bad telugu movies, I mean real really bad movies at the beginning of this year i.e., during the sankranti season lets not hope that happens for this Dushera releases too.

Hoping for a better future (in movie releases).



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