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Ramoji group attacked by Andhra Pradesh Government again

Well, the state Govt. has found another way to vent their anger on the Ramoji group this time not through the new paper but by cracking on their famous Ramoji Film City. Look at the Eenadu paper dated 8th Sep 08 and you will know. They have one full page of pictures and information about the strike by the Govt. on their film city and have also used one half of the front-page.

Seems like there is lot of professionalism at Eenadu. How could the editor allow such things to take up so much space? May be its due to pressure from the boss.


Earlier we have seen the Volkswagen scam, then the crack down on Eenadu, later many kinds of little and cheap scams and then the very famous YSR warning the opposition leader Chandra Babu in the Assembly and now its time for some new drama. Its better to stay away from the news in Et2 because they are going to blow this thing real big day and night.

Go on Congress, the others had their time its your time now.



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