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Mahesh Babu's Atithi shooting in Delhi

New pics added at the end of post

16th Feb. 07 02:30PM
My friend comes to wake me and tell that Mahesh babu has come to Shipra Mall!

Shipra Mall is a shopping mall cum Multiplex in NOIDA, the city on the outskirts of Delhi which is part of the NCR.I was doubtful about the information but what will I loose just to go check out, after all its so close (just a 2 min ride). So we decided to go. We went inside with doubt because there was no hungama around the place, we thought may be its because these people dont know south indian heroes. We were walking inside the mall looking for any activity, then we found four people sitting in plastic chairs near the escalator, usually that place is for people to walk, so we thought it would be Mahesh and crew and crew, yes we were right among them was Mahesh!!! Along with him were Krishna's brother and the director of Atithi.

Though we knew the information before hand we were surprised to see Mahesh there and immediately went to him as there was no crowd around him. Mahesh shook hands with us and smiled, while we were about to ask him for a picture his makeup guy came to us and took us out of there. Damn!

Within a few minutes, everything was setup for a shoot and Mahesh moved to the ground floor of the mall, we took some pictures from first floor. Suddenly we spotted Amrita Rao!! She was hurrying somewhere, so we stayed at the scene.

They finished the shot in about 20 mins and packed, Mahesh was taken through a back door to his A/C van where he rested for a few mins and came back for another shot, in the mean time we met with the Director of the movie Surendar Reddy, he was very modest and answered some of our questions, like expected release date(some where in April) and number of scenes being shot here(four).

Mahesh is now back from his van and waited while they setup the lighting, this time Amrita Rao was also in the scene and now there is huge crowd, becasue Amrita Rao has done some decent roles in Bollywood including her 'Main Hoon Na' with SRK and Sushmita.

Mahesh with the Director (green shirt) and cameraman (dark blue shirt)

The scene was they walk in opposite directions facing each other, check the video.

Mahesh, Amrita, director and the cameraman have a look at the shot

We took an Autograph, then we took one of my north indian friends to Mahesh, he wanted to show mahesh that he remebers his pokiri dialogue "Evadu kodite dimma tirigi mind block aipodoo vade pandugadu"

Mahesh was laughing all the time when my friend was saying this dialogue and the other crew members were smiling and a seemed bit surprised to hear a north indian say a telugu dialogue.

Actually when you make a good movie, language wont be a barrier, this is the reason why foreign language film category is included in the Oscars. Many of my friends liked Siddharth's Boys too and some enquired about Bommarillu because the movie was screend at theaters in Indore, agra... Siddharth has some fan following here because he starred in Rang De Basanti. Lets hope Mahesh gets a good opportunity like that once.

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Update: New Atithi pictures added here and pictures of the shooting location are here


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