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Recent Movies I

Sainikudu, Katarnak, Rakhi, Annavaram

You might have already read reviews and probably even watched these movies. All four should be considered sub standard movies but if you ask me to choose the best of the 4 its for Annavaram, dont confuse it with the best movie ever, its only the best among the 4 worst movies realeased in the recent past.


*ing Mahesh Babu, Trisha

Movie was meaning less, you cant actually call it a movie, completely out of sequence, serials in Gemini or ETV are better. The audio was really good but again when you copy a hit song its chances of being good are really high. Thats how they played safe. One of them had a Dil Se tune copied and the other was a Michael Jackson song.

You cant talk about other aspects of the movie because there are no other aspects, no meaningful story, no good acting, no good roles, no nothing!

The graphics were over hyped and were looking really unusual and completely relationless. Who uses fading graphics in songs now a days?

You wont beleive this, the background score was also copied, from Pirates of Carribean: The curse of the black pearl and not just for one time, which makes the music director unworthy of any mention here

You cant even guess when the movie is going to end, you will desperately be waiting for it to end though.

If you check the internet for reviews you might have wondered why has not reviewed Sainikudu!


Sandhya said... April 16, 2007 at 5:36 AM  

well Mahesh Babu's acting in Sainikudu is really good! but Trisha's acting got messed up..:(

harith said... February 19, 2015 at 8:58 PM  

It's awesome that you caught pirates tune in the background when trisha refuses to go to pappu and in climax scene at assembly! which song has dil se tune and micheal jackson song?

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