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Youth lacking this

Today,s youth -They are crazy,They are ,They are brave,They love enjoying the life.Simply they are fully loaded.But there is something which these people lacks [especially in the metro's] and that is the most vital thing needed for a human life.Its common sense.In this article ill quote you some examples to show how much extreme is this new disease in the youth!!!!!!!!
I study in NCR region and i know many students from around the country.Some days back i was going in a auto with some students of a engineering institute which is just beside my university.They are discussing this way.
One student asks "Dude,can we install two OS in a single PC"
The other replies "why not,I have two OS in ma pc.One is Windows XP professional and other is Ms Office"
Then the first one asks this Microsoft seems to be the king man
The other replies "not only MS,there is one more company google.Im trying for its OS but cant get it.Saala mil hi nahi raha hai."
The horrible thing is these guys hold 70% in engineering and are slected for a software company.I pity that company.

Most of the times these guys don't know whats around them.Some guy asks me some place which is just in the street next to mine.They don't know how to deal with different kinds of people..They don,t know where to spend and where not to spend the money.Most of them are like "frogs in the well".They just know spending the bucks given by their parents in the cafeteria or going to mall or going to party or in some designer closett.They dont know other places where you can get optimistic prices of things.They dont know what world will be like when they get out of their parents hands.They don't know whats real life.And some students study like hell with out having general knowledge.I dont know what fun they feel in their life all the day seeing book.This youth doesnt know how to speak with different types of people[autowala,rickshaw wala and paraathewala....].Some behave like real stupid kids asking very simple questions in the lectures.The most comical thing is that these guys with out brains look to most of the the gals as the most smart guys.[:)].
But the guys who use common sense properly are really going to have great time because they know how to use this world.They know how to enjoy each part of the life properly.Guys who come from rural and small towns are having nice sense of humor than metro guys.Because they are grown up in a environment where they see and deal with different kinds of people.They are exceptionally brighter in not getting deceived by others like metro people.

courtesy : Five point someone


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