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Thieves - They are smarter

Gone are those days when a thief comes to your house with a rope on his shoulders in the mid night hours,climbing through the drain pipe and then breaking up your locker to get the money.Welcome to new generation thieves....
These thieves are not like the old ones who use to commit thefts as part of the family profession.Stealing is no more a profession of unemployed,illiterate and the poor.New generation thieves may be rich,well educated and holding high dignitary positions.These thieves are extra smart.They have bigger network than the police do.They maintain high cooperation and close monitoring of each and every person in the network.The best thing is they have enough resources.
The special reason why the younger generation want to become a thief is showcasing to everyone that they are the smartest and the best.they use highly technical things to commit crimes.They pose a challenge to everyone.Its impossible to identify a thief.He will be just normal with the rest of society.
Type of crimes they commit will range from robbing the banks,hacking the ATM networks,stealing the most precious things.They don't go for small and silly mistakes.They have everything planned.Some mischievous thieves might even pose for the public by making some great escape plan.Still now the type of thefts we are seeing in the movies are going to become a reality in the near future.So police and people are you ready for it???
Old thieves :
Reason :- family profession,Poverty, and unemployment
who commit : mostly illiterate
What they steal : Anything like pickpocketing to bank robbery
Methods they use : purely traditional [ using chloroform,breaking up in mid night hours]
Faults : Most of time gets caught because of leaving the sufficient clue for police

New generation thieves
Reason :- To prove they are smart..aaaha smarter...smartest and the best
who commit :- Highly qualified professionals,educated people,Very intelligent kids,High dignitaries...
what they steal ;- Anything which is worthy than the worthiest.Hacking networks,robbing banks in cinematic fashion [ you wont have a single sign tha something is getting planned infront of your eyes],museum things
Methods they use : Highly technical [ using robots,jamming networks,destroying logs.........],Disguising as someone else
Faults :- hardly they leave any..If at all all they leave any it wont be sufficient to catch...Everything is planned

SO people get ready to watch the new generation thieves [:P]
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