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Recent Movies IV


*ing Pawan Kalyan, Asin

The best in the series of movies and comes as a transition between the worst movies of the recent past and new expectations of the future.

It is one of those movies where the Hero does all the acting and uses the heroine just to dance with in the songs and some love scenes sprinkled here and there. The director must have thought of this when making the film.

Well it was a big relief for fans as Pawan Kalyan got off his flop rally and finally made a normal film so they are obviously pretty excited about it and are trying to propogate a good talk among the audience but a typical viewer wouldnt agree.

Initially Pawan loves his sister and we better call her the female lead because Asin was almost never given a chance to act except in the songs. Few songs were neatly picturised though and Pawan looks to be back to normal style like in Kushi avoiding his double pants and stuff.

Pawan then eliminates all the culprits in Hyderebad city so that his nephew can lead a happy life after he is born! Isnt that something to be thought of? You can never eliminate the bad just like that unless you try something like in Batman Begins but still he does.

You can call it an average flick and for Pawan Kalyan fans it comes as a much awaited relief. Now its time to look forward to the future.


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