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*ing NTR Jr., Ileana, Charmy

Rakhi is not a typical NTR movie, by typical I mean movie not always progressing, you can almost always expect a flash back and some heroic deeds in the flash back, presently lives a modest life somewhere else.......

This movie concentrates on sister sentiment and only sister sentiments which makes it boring for young men. The women might be impressed accepting the fact that men and women are not the same and will never have the same tastes and interests.

You can clearly notice NTR drifting away from his typical action roles to a sentimental role in this one. The film can be touching for people who beleive in the vaules of the system.

The difference here is that in the other movies the hero looks better than his previous films and performs better but NTR looks really beast like and his new hair style adds to the mess. He should think about it and go for some makeover and look a bit hero like before he returns to films.

NTR and Ileana combination, you would never have imagined this but it just happened so we have to bear with it.

Finally, this movie ranks better than the other two (Sainikudu, Katharnak)

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radhika said... January 17, 2007 at 11:28 PM  

ntr,krishna vamsi cala manci movie icharu.

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