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Musharaff rocking

The situation in Pakistan doesn't seem to be any better compared to our country's political situation. I get a feeling that we are bad company when it company when it comes to politics. All the countries surrounding India are at some level politically unstable. Its drama in Pakistan this time.

As he announced earlier, Pakistan's former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif returned to Pakistan just to be deported back to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. He came in the morning from London; he was taken into custody and then sent to Saudi by a plane. As far as I know, a country's citizen cannot be lawfully deported from his own country, but still Musharaff got it done. Nawaz Sharif was the PM while Musharaff did a coup and became the country's supreme commander. So when someone whom he deported earlier returns while he is still in power, Musharaff would definitely use his power to show his aggression. It was not something unexpected either for Nawaz or for us. It was reported that he was given two options

  1. Accept deporation
  2. Get arrested

He actually chose the second option but still he was deported. That's what most experts call politics. Now that Musharaff couldn't make a deal with Benazir who seems to be serious contender in the upcoming elections, his decision in the next few days are going to be watched by people all over the world.


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