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Chappel - A true Patriot

tHIS IS ABOUT chappell- LOOK what he DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
by aatank on Apr 23, 2007 03:47 PM | Hide replies
Can you believe it. this guy took 175 million dollars from India and did what?---

---removed most successful skipper
--- not only that, got our ppl to believe that he was agst the team
--- not only that got him out of the team!!!
--- got someone to lead who was a sure flop in that role
--- removed key players
--- damaged confidence of other key players whom he could not remove
--- never let any batting order stabilise
--- killed the lethal talent in ace swinger and true match winner -- irfan pathan
--- he got everyone to believe it was a process

Now, look back-- last world cup--

--- Saurav takes India to world cup finals
--- Saurav wins test in australia and beats them one one day final as well
--- saurav leads india to win in pak agast pak
--- it was sure this combination was lethal enough with saurav at front to win 2007 cup, coz they were only 2nd best and improving everyday

man called chappell comes in and destroys it all, convinces our ppl that it was a process.

yes, it was a process--

---to de-stabilise india to a extent that do not stand any chance to win 2007

-- crippled whole team and ensured he saw saurav out

--- so that asutralia could win their 3rd successive cup

he was a true patriot, what were our ppl doing, paying him 175 million $ to do this. Let him do whatever he wanted.

Biggest irony, even offer him the future, to demolish that as well.

Ironic, isnt it... he got india to pay for a job what australia should have paid him for.

He knew, he couldnt have done it without saurav out of the team. So even as he left he has convinced our ppl that saurav must remain out, and our inferior minded a\'\'es listen to him even today

So when it came to grroming the future, he has preferred to grrom australian future!! does it need to speak more, everyone know which board can pay him better!!!!!!!!!!!!!

irony isnt it!!!!!!!!!!!

Great JOB CHAPPELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yoiu were atleast a patriot


Anonymous said... April 28, 2007 at 9:20 AM  

what about Ian Chappel's talk about Sachins retirement ?

They are also trying to FORCE sachin into retirement

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