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India and Cricket

India is just so addicted to cricket, even after the Indian team's disastrous exit from the world in the very first round what people still talk about is cricket but ofcourse they now say the Indian team is useless, this player sucks and that guy sucks even more! What ever you say you are stil talking about cricket. Why this addiction? India never performed ferociously like the other top teams like Australia, South Africa do. What people want is just another win (its ok even if the oposite team is Ireland) and they just love the Indian cricket team. Then they say "our players need to loose some to get back to form" really?

India lost the very first world cup match to Bangladesh, the team which cannot be considered among the top class cricket teams in the world, even worse they dont even play the number of matches our team plays per year. Oh we forgot something here, may be they dont do the number of Ads our cricketers do may be thats the reason they won so easily. May be they are the real cricketers and our players better be called Ad models.

There are millions of people now waiting for the indian cricket team to just play match, they just want to wacth India play and in the end they want the result to be a win, just win somehow with 1 wicket remaining the fans are happy, no self respect nothing else matters. A team like India with such a good backing, a very high profit making cricket board should be in the top 3 all time but we end up being in the 4-10 positions most of the time. New players never get a chance to prove themselves and the classic players keep complaining about this and that. Why are you in the team when you are uncomfortable? Just get the hell out of the team and let the new ones come in.


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