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Social networking

Social network sites :-
This is the most favourite surfing area of the todays youth.But many a problems are associated with these social networking sites.lets have a glance

Purpose :- To make people interact with each other,making people build a network of friends by displaying each others details.Sufficient space is provided to contact each other in the form of messages,Scraps and all.Various communities can be made for the people having similar thoughts.

The most famous of the social networking sites in US is My space,Facebook,hi5 and orkut in India and Brazil.

pro's of social networking :-
people can make friends easily
people can find their old friends easily
These sites helps in having contact with each other like scraps,comments and all
You can get information of movies,other news..... through the communities
You can even publicise good things through sending the messages to your friends.
some sites even gives you feautures like displaying your taste by editing the HTML of the page,searching music videos,Uploading your fave music and all...

Inspite of these good uses,Social networking has a blackside also

Con's of social networking
Negative publicity of some good things
Messages arousing bad feeling in ones mind like scolding countries,spreading terror messages
Messages irritating others [in the form of abusing,comments....]
Girls [ the worst hit]. Be careful when you are revealing your details to a new person and dont upload your images there.people misuse them
People creating communties supporting bad activities like hacking,pornography.....

Inspite of having nice uses,social networking has a blackside also unless site owners take proper care while registering the users and administering the sites filtering the bad content.Some countries even warned these sites about these things.So bware admins, keep a check on the bad guys.

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