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sex and the city

Im not talking about the series in HBO.
Im talking about the increasing incidents of sex in the cities. Everyday i open a newspaper, I find atleast 4-5 incidents related to rape ,child sex and other atrocities.Whats wrong with these people???? In the light of latest nithari killings near noida,I want to throw light on this topic.....
Paedophilia - Pedophilia, paedophilia or pædophilia is the paraphilia of being sexually attracted primarily or exclusively to prepubescent children or peri pubescent children . A person with this attraction is called a pedophile. In 1989 Briere and Runtz conducted a study on 193 male undergraduate students concerning pedophilia. Of the sample, 21% acknowledged sexual attraction to some small children; 9% reported sexual fantasies involving children; 5% admitted masturbating to these fantasies; and 7% conceded some probability of actually having sex with a child if they could avoid detection and punishment.
Some reason for this paedophilia is children cant resist as the adults do.Most of the paedophilists are high aged adults.You cant recognise these guys because they will be softer and kinder with you.And whenever your child complains of such thing ,you put a deaf ear to them Poeple blame the government and the police most the time for these kind of activities,but they cant do anything in this kind of things without people's cooperation.Parents should not leave their children especially kids lonely with anyone [ especially after nithari killing].They should listen to the kid whenever she complains of something like this.Parents should keep a watch on each and every moment of the child [atleast till the get a age that can resist these kind of things].parents should keep checking with whom the kid is moving and their friends.
Regarding the increasing number of rapes in the cities,Most of this kinda ones also occur with the neighbourhood people when mother and father leaves them at home and goes to work to earn money for livelihood.Moreover in the city,once someone is lost its very hard to find them again.These kinda neighbourhood incidents occur mostly in the economically deprived areas like slums,clusters etc. For adult gals you need to get trained how to escape from these kind of incidents and even the atrocities on you when you move in the public [ may be marshal arts or someother thing]
Neither the police,Nor someother person is going to prevent these kind of things.people ,Its you who have to end this.And the bad guys,change your attitude or one day your attitude is going to kill you.

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