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Media -what's their true purpose??

Media - The people who have the capability to drive the whole world.They are the one's who tell the people what's going around them.But are they really doing the work for what they are meant to be??what's the purpose of media in a normal human life??what's going wrong with them??
Media in normal sense can be defined as any medium which keeps you informed.Different media we see in normal life are news papers,electronic media like Television,Internet.Many a times I don't understand what's the true purpose of the media??These days i open a news paper, more than half of it is filled with murders,scam's,exaggerated view of bad things and page3.It's good if media expose bad incidents,But just exposing these things on all the main pages and getting attenion of everyone on this thing is not needed.You publish rape of some person on the main page focusing the accused as hero or a serial murder case.A political leader does some big scam and he is on the front page for a month.At the same time something good might have been happened,but it will be always on the later pages.And the horrible thing is these days 3/4th of the media is supporting the government to get some tax exemptions for them or any other favours.By fault if any news paper publishes something against the government,The governmet tries to find every way to bury that newspaper.For e.g take the case of margadarsi group which is the financial support of EEnadu[the largest circulated newspaper in Andhra pradesh].Since it';s against the exisitng congress government,the govt has tried each and everyway to dump the margadarsi and ramoji rao empire.The mad thing with these media people is they don't have unity among themselves.When one of thier mates is being attacked badly by the government,the rest of them are still supporting the government publishing the downfall of other newspaper on their main page.IS it the way they are meant to be???
Newspaper's are a bit good in this context.The electronic media which is the most effective media , is more worse.They don't know what they are broadcasting.In the news segment they are similar to newspaper's[supporting government].But they have something extra than that.They don't get information to share up with us round the clock.They come up with some bad things like adult film's and crime commiting shows to cover up these.Most of the kid's gets spoiled watching these things since visuals effect most.They come up with heavy amount of ads all the time.They show some bloody serials.They never try to show you something that will increase you r knowledge.All these media want is profits.Media is fully commercial these days.They lost the purpose for what they are created to be..
So media ,Money is just needed for your survival.Your purpose is to make us informed of bad things,But focus more on good things.PAGE3 news and other thigns may add you profit but they should nt be the main segment of your paper.You should help people in knowing whats going around them.You should educate them not ruin them [expecially electronic media should stop crime show's]..
Fight against the bad unitedly,You only have the capability to change this world of odd thing's.

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