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Started a Yahoo! Group - Acheivement ?

At somepoint of your life you must have prepared a Resume for a job or some college application if not may be you are going to make one soon. It actually is a process which involves lot of thinking, you need to think how to fill it up so that it looks appealing.

You need to find catching project titles weather you really did the project or not, have to choose weather you are a cricket team captain or a volleyball player or may be even football is in these days

Dancing, singing, acting are the first choice when it comes to activities but some guy got more creative and added Started a Yahoo! Group as his activity as Rashmi Bansal says here, that she got an application in which the guy actually says

Launched a group on as an opportunity to meet like-minded people and enhance my leadership and writing skills in the process.

You make the CV so its your choice to write what you want to but there is a certain limit. Starting a Yahoo group can be called an activity? I never heard people talking this way before. I think its either foolish or he wanted to be a geek.

This doesnt mean that you shouldnot reveal your online activities at all, things like blogging, website maintenance or the like are ok but starting a Yahoo! group sounds really weird but in the end its you who decides what goes in your CV.

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